Shannon Tweed Lets It All Hang Out in Her Native Newfoundland

What could have possibly been one of the best episodes of A&E’s reality show hit Gene Simmons Family Jewels has instead taken the form of a saucy interview in the pages of Newfoundland daily The Telegram.

Shannon Tweed is back in her native Canadian province for the first time since 1982 (!) to film a guest appearance on the CBC-TV show Republic of Doyle. Gene Simmons is there with her through the end of the week, but because the kids remain back in LA, no A&E camera crews are tagging along. The former Playboy playmate says she does not give a hoot about the “f*cking complainers” (viewers who claim her reality dramas are staged), and has this to say about the current state of her rocky relationship with Simmons:

“I wish someone had let me know it was an open relationship. If I’d have known, I’d have been doing the same thing, but he didn’t let me in on the secret. That’s what makes me the angriest.”

Tweed said Simmons has stopped cheating since she threatened to leave and has a good sense of why she’s upset–but still hasn’t admitted he’s done anything wrong…. He’s said he wants to work things out with Tweed, although Tweed said she’s not holding on much longer. “I’ve been trying for a long, long time,” she said. “I hope for an epiphany, but good luck.”

Tweed and Simmons will now spend a couple of days in Tweed’s hometown of St. John’s Markland, where she grew up the daughter of a mink rancher (!!). A&E execs must be kicking themselves.

[Photo credit: Tara Bradbury]