The Tears of a New York Post Baseball Columnist

Score Joel Sherman's tribute to the late Shannon Forde as a home run.

ShannonFordeDavidWrightNew York Post sportswriter Joel Sherman cried multiple times while writing his article “Shannon Forde Only Could Be Described in One Word: Angel,” in memory of the New York Mets senior director of media relations. And in heart-wrenching fashion, he lets readers know it.

Sherman cried when he wrote this lede:

Shannon Forde was an angel.

He cried while remembering a moment shared in the Citi Field press box during Game 3 of the 2015 World Series:

She looked like what she looked like and felt like what she felt like and the conversation began with her asking how me and my boys were doing.

And Sherman cried once more when he typed this final sentence:

I try to honor her here, but don’t want to finish this column or tribute or obituary or whatever hell it is because then it does feel more like the end.

As we read Sherman’s powerful piece, it felt like there had been minimal or perhaps even zero editing. It’s raw, in-the-moment and a wonderful tribute to Forde, who had been battling breast cancer since 2012. She passed away Friday at the age of 44, leaving behind a husband and two young children. RIP.

Image of Forde with David Wright via: @Mets