Shankman: ‘You Are Not Here Because Of Your Klout Score’

Photo: Christopher Barth held its buzzed-about holiday party last night on the way-West Side of Manhattan. Scattered around the room were tables with tequila shots, desserts, and a station for photos. And on the wall behind the stage there was a screen that posted the Klout scores for the guests in attendance. There were some 10s on the screen as well as scores in the 50s and above.

During his speech, Peter Shankman announced, “You’re not here because of your Klout score.” Rather, he said, people were there because of what they talked about, the value of their expertise, and because they’re “passionate.”

Some of the people there had been flown in by Jet Blue, one of the party’s sponsors. And one lucky woman, who had tweeted that yesterday was her birthday, got a trip for her and a friend to Cancun, care of sponsor Apple Vacations.

We noticed a couple of comments on Twitter predicting that the use of Klout for events will grow. Recently fans of the Sacramento Kings with high Klout scores were given the VIP treatment at a basketball game. And Forbes lists perks that those with qualifying Klout scores have gotten. What are your thoughts?