Shane Smith Talks Viceland, HBO Show


Vice’s cable TV channel Viceland is set to launch Feb. 29 and a new, daily HBO news show is coming up, so naturally Vice co-founder and CEO Shane Smith is eager to talk about both. In an interview with The Huffington Post, he did so in the most Vice way possible.

Smith explained that Viceland will cover food, travel, and culture, but when discussing the HBO show, Smith went rad.

“We don’t want to be your parents’ news show,” said Smith. “We want to be new and innovative. The thing about being new and innovative, you have to try a lot of things first to find out what works because it hasn’t been done before.”

Correction (11:13 am):
An earlier version of this post indicated that Smith’s quote was referring to Viceland. He was discussing the upcoming HBO news show.

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