Shane Smith Now Owns 2 Los Angeles Homes

The combined cost of the properties is just under $27 million.

Rather famously last year, for those who pay attention to such things, Vice co-founder Shane Smith purchased the palatial home that doubled for Vincent Chase’s pad in the HBO series Entourage. In real life, the 3.35-acre Santa Monica property was for many years the abode of director Henry Jaglom and his wife Victoria Foyt.

So why would Smith and his wife choose to acquire another home in the nearby Pacific Palisades, for $3.825 million, after forking out $23 million for Villa Ruchello? Variety’s pseudonymous real estate writer Mark David has a logical theory:

Presumably the Smiths have an extensive and, no doubt, brutally expensive overhaul planned for the A-Lister compound that at the time of their purchase included a grand 1920s Mediterranean mansion with 8 bedrooms along with a two-bedroom guesthouse, a two-bedroom gate house and spacious cabana with bathroom next to the 72-foot long swimming pool. Mister Smith and his wife Tamyka also maintain a residence in New York City where our research suggest they own two apartments in the same Tribeca building: a 2,321-square-foot loft-style residence bought in October 2009 for $2,225,000 and a smaller unit on another floor picked in May 2012 for $775,000.

Each one of these perches is a rarefied spot from which Smith can catch up, on the device of his choice and in full comfort otherwise, to the latest developments of the 2016-17 media “bloodbath” he so accurately predicted was coming.

Update (Sept. 6):
A spokesperson for Vice, in a September WSJ magazine cover story, explains that the smaller of the two L.A. properties was purchased as temporary housing for visiting Vice executives.