Shane Smith is So Money

An exhorbitant dinner tab impresses everyone except Gawker.

Vegas, baby!

The Twittersphere was agog yesterday after Bloomberg broke the news that Vice Media founder Shane Smith, while attending this year’s CES in Las Vegas, personally footed the bill for a dinner at the Bellagio’s Prime Steakhouse that topped $300,000. The meal, involving several dozen invited media luminaries, got up into the $10,000-per-person range because of some of the casino restaurant’s supremely expensive wine selections.

It’s even more impressive when you consider, per this New York Times pick-up, where the steakhouse booty came from:

To foot the bill, Smith dipped into his more than $1 million in winnings from gambling, especially at the blackjack table, during the week, the people said.

Unless you’re Gawker. The perennial Vice bashers headlined their report on these Smith exploits: “Shane Smith Trying Desperately to Rid Himself of All This Money.” Ha ha. In the article, Hamilton Nolan downscales the amount of Smith’s alleged winnings and bah-humbugs it elsewhere:

Is it better to work for the sort of boss who would blow $300,000 in Vegas, or the sort of boss who would not blow $300,000 in Vegas? Reasonable people can disagree.

We’re not sure. But perhaps to emphasize Nolan’s point, Gawker Media boss Nick Denton can change his Twitter handle to @nicknotshane.

And from the ground up, Gawker commenter FauxhemianRhapsody offers this perspective:

I’ve been reading Gawker for nearly a decade now, Kinja is a nightmare, a lot of us used to be approved, now we’re stuck in the gray all over the place, and some of your top talent has gone over to Vice. I’m not sure who’s the better boss, but I can tell you whose site actually works on my mobile. Hint: not this one.

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