Shane Dawson & The Fine Brothers On YouTube Collaboration & Shane’s Christmas Special

YouTube megastar Shane Dawson has put something of a sick twist on the holiday season this year with his Christmas YouTube special, 'Santa's Dead: A Love Story'. I talked to Shane, as well as directors The Fine Brothers, about this holly jolly video.

YouTube megastar Shane Dawson has put something of a sick twist on the holiday season this year with his Christmas YouTube special, ‘Santa’s Dead: A Love Story’. Shane collaborated with The Fine Brothers, who directed this 10-minute video project, and it has been viewed over 1.2 million times in the first three days alone. I had the opportunity to ask Shane, as well as The Fine Brothers, a few questions about this holly jolly video, which sort of punches Christmas in the red, bearded face. Read on to watch the video and find out what the guys had to say.

Before you read about what Shane Dawson and The Fine Brothers had to say about ‘Santa’s Dead: A Love Story’, check out the video below. I thought the video was pretty funny, though it is definitely NSFW due to language (and a decidedly twisted concept).

If you aren’t familiar with Shane Dawson then your jaw is probably on the floor right now. However, his fans eat up his inappropriate humor. I asked Shane what he would say to viewers who might take offense to his not-so-kid-friendly humor. He told me, “My humor has always been inappropriate and unapologetic. My childhood was very rough and my family relied on me to make the bad situations funny. I think my audience relates to my humor because a lot of them are going through tough times and they know that I’m going to make them laugh and get them through it. Anyone who is offended by my videos should know that my raunchy jokes and inappropriate subject matters come from a place of love and not hate. For every person I offend with my videos I know that there are hundreds of thousands more that are being helped by them.”

I knew that The Fine Brothers had directed the clip, but I was curious about what role Shane played in production (aside from starring, of course). He said, “For this video I was in charge of writing and editing. The Fine Brothers are amazing collaborators and I’ve been working with them for a few years now. They directed the video and helped with the set design. For my channel I usually do everything myself but for bigger videos like this I like to collaborate with people I respect and people who bring something more to the table.”

Benny Fine told me how the brothers came to work with Shane. “We first met Shane years ago before he hit the big time. He responded to a casting notice on Craigslist and we cast him after watching his early videos (he had around 2 thousand subscribers at the time while we had 15 thousand or so). That video was our popular ‘Sarah Palin Family Meeting’ and the three of us hit it off right away, remained friends, cast him again in our Comedy Central Web Pilot ‘My Profile Story’ and were amazed but not surprised that within a few months he passed us in subscribers on his way to the top.”

Rafi tells me that the brothers and Shane work so well together because of their “shared passion for irreverent, controversial social satire that has a real message.” They are continually drawn back to working with each other. He says, “We have a cohesive vision when we work together and it’s always a very good time, creatively and personally.”

Benny told me that Shane’s “talent, humor, and personality always has been and continues to be what can rise to the top of YouTube, while we as filmmakers can only get so far at present since we by and large don’t talk to the camera.” That’s why collaborating is so exciting for many YouTube partners. When a personality like Shane (or in this case a whole collection of personalities) comes together with directors and filmmakers like The Fine Brothers they are able to create “a TV quality product with Cable TV sized numbers. This is something traditional as well as new media should be taking notice of, and we hope to continue making long form, high end content together to continue to showcase what we all can do.”

Finally, for all you doll-faced makeup divas out there, I asked Shane was his lipstick shade of choice is (you probably noticed from the video that his lipstick always matches his skin tone perfectly). He told me, “Blood red, definitely.”