Shamed ‘Hiroshima’ Author Hopes for Corrected eBook

By now you’ve probably heard about poor Charles Pellegrino, author of ‘The Last Train From Hiroshima,’ about those who fled the bombing of Nagasaki only arrive in Hiroshima just in time for the second bomb to drop. The revelation that Pellegrino–a scholar, author of several other books, and consultant on films–had been duped by one of his major sources cast doubt on other facts in the book, causing Holt to cease production and sale of the book shortly after publication.

Yesterday, Mokoto Rich ran a lengthy piece in The New York Times recounting the whole saga in detail along with some new interviewing with the author, his agent, and his editor. Of interest to eBookNewser, though, is the fact that, while Holt wants to wash its hands of the book, Pellegrino told The Times he still hopes to published a corrected edition of his book, either as a paperback or eBook.

Here’s what Rich says on the matter after an interview with the author (there’s something precious and awful about seeing this guy frustrated): “although agitated, [Pellegrino] seemed to believe he could still find a publisher to help him release a corrected electronic or paperback edition.

Or he could do it himself on Scribd or Smashwords, in case the publishers aren’t lining up. In fact, Mr. Pellegrino, check out eBookNewser’s series, The Making of an eBook, to find out how.