‘Shalom, Motherf*cker!’: Jewcy Launches Online Mag, Web Site


Just in time for Chanukah.

Treading along the soon-to-be all-too-common trajectory of t-shirt-to-Web 2.0 company, Jewcy Media, which formed out of a successful line of irreverent t-shirts (“Shalom, Motherf*cker!”), today launched an online magazine and extensive Web site, including, yes, a blog, the Daily Shvitz, and a “Connoisseur’s Guide to Internet Anti-Semitism” featuring the Olsen Twins of hate-rock, Prussian Blue. Editor Tahl Raz, a former senior editor at Fortune Small Business, is at the helm.

The site includes Web 2.0 bells and whistles like “users,” amateur video, wikis and, naturally, a t-shirt shop.

And lest you thought you saw the last of Joanna Angel on FishbowlNY, think again. The porn star-cum-Spin magazine columnist during Andy Pemberton‘s brief return — only to be dropped upon his exit — submits to an interview with Heeb music editor Arye Dworken in a piece called “Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth? Part II.” Angel, by the way, is Jewish.

More interesting, though, is Part I, Jewcy’s interview with Angel’s mother:

Jewcy: Is it important for you that she has a Jewish boyfriend or eventually, a husband?

Joanna’s Mom: I have no idea. Look, I want her to be happy. I think it’s important for a husband and wife to share a tradition. I think it would be best for her to marry someone that understands her traditions.


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