Shakira, Beyoncé Linkin Park, YouTube, The Simpsons and Coca-Cola on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Music Pages just about took over our list of top 20 growing Facebook Pages this week, occupying 12 of the 20 slots. The remainder of the list included YouTube and Facebook, a few TV shows, Harry Potter, Cristiano Ronaldo and Coca-Cola. The Pages on our list grew from between 1 million and 2.4 million Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

1. YouTube36,335,231+2,437,371+7%
2. Facebook43,385,322+2,249,789+5%
3. Shakira31,709,723+1,910,576+6%
4. Rihanna35,369,725+1,864,514+6%
5. Eminem38,421,560+1,789,255+5%
6. The Simpsons28,449,683+1,652,544+6%
7. Lady Gaga36,330,897+1,524,035+4%
8. Katy Perry26,620,056+1,512,412+6%
9. Coca-Cola28,776,669+1,509,262+6%
10. Beyoncé22,357,915+1,422,326+7%
11. South Park28,444,691+1,326,110+5%
12. Family Guy31,902,867+1,290,165+4%
13. AKON23,996,778+1,249,427+5%
14. Usher19,573,724+1,208,733+7%
15. Black Eyed Peas19,333,205+1,129,260+6%
16. Avril Lavigne20,577,148+1,109,198+6%
17. Lil Wayne25,695,689+1,058,421+4%
18. Linkin Park29,118,054+1,051,655+4%
19. Cristiano Ronaldo27,436,242+1,042,969+4%
20. Harry Potter24,965,738+1,033,571+4%

YouTube grew by 2.4 million Likes to 36.3 million and Facebook by 2.2 million to reach 43.3 million, the pair of Pages occupied the one, and two, slots respectively on our list this week. Elsewhere on the list was Coca-Cola with a respectable 1.5 million new Likes to add to its 28.7 million; the Page features a landing tab encouraging visitors to Like the Page and frequent product-related status updates. Portuguese football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo added more than 1 million Likes to his Page. totaling out at 27.4 million, talking about his professional experiences and threatening to sue media outlets for publishing photos of his son.

The only other non-music Pages on the list were TV shows and a movie. “The Simpsons” grew by 1.6 million Likes this week to 28.4 million partly because the Page involved fans in an intrigue as to whether or not two long-time characters should become a couple. “South Park” created an event for its most recent episode, which generated thousands of replies and comments; the Page grew by 1.3 million Likes to hit 28.4 million. “Family Guy” grew by just under that by just promoting the show to 31.9 million. The “Harry Potter” Page has begun a countdown to the release of the next film, supplementing the suspense with new posters and trailers; the Page added more than 1million Likes to reach 24.9 million.

The rest of the list was comprised of music Pages. A quick note, it becomes rarer and rarer not to see a musician’s Page that does not incorporate one or both of popular music apps:  BandPage by RootMusic or VEVO for Artists; the Pages below are no exception.

Shakira’s Page grew by 1.9 million Likes to 31.7 million; she’s promoting her album and releasing personalized Facebook vlogs. Rihanna was close behind with 1.8 million new Likes; she’s also promoting her songs and related products to her 35.3 million fans. Eminem’s Page grew by 1.7 million Likes to 38.4 million; he’s been promoting his album and singles with frequent updates. Lady Gaga was all over Facebook this week, resulting in 1.5 million new Likes, as she promotes her new album and its singles to her 36.3 million fans.

Katy Perry added 1.5 million Likes by promoting her album and related tour to 26.6 million. Beyoncé just released a single and is promoting her upcoming album, performed on “American Idol” and recruited 1.4 million new Likes this week to total out at 22.3 million. Akon’s 1.2 million new Likes may have resulted from his very frequent status updates and his fanbase now totals 23.9 million. Usher is currently promoting his tour and media appearances to the tune of 1.2 million new Likes to his 19.5 million fans. The Black Eyed Peas did pretty much the same thing, ending the week with 1.1 million new Likes and a total of 19.3 million.

Avril Lavigne added 1.1 million Likes to her 20.5 million total by promoting her new single on a landing tab. Lil Wayne grew his Page by more than 1 million Likes to 25.6 by updating his status frequently. Finally, Linkin Park’s million-plus new likes pushed the Page past 29.1 million as the band offered fans the chance to a free concert or place at the “Transformers” movie premiere.