Shaking Up (Not Stirring) the Traditional Martini Glass

bombay sapphire.jpg

Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Eva Zeisel, Yves Behar, and [insert your name here]. That’s right, you! Joining this elite group is as easy as designing a martini glass–a Bombay Sapphire gin-inspired martini glass, that is. You have until April 7 to enter the company’s 2008 Designer Glass Competition (last year’s finalists are pictured above, with the iPod-esque winner in the middle). Judging entries based upon functionality, innovation, aesthetics, and Bombay Sapphireness will be designer Sami Hayek, Arlene Hirst (senior editor at Metropolitan Home), Brent McDaneld (VP of Marketing and Merchandising for Baccarat), and furniture designer Jason Miller.

Beyond the ability to fulfill the dream of taking a bath in cyan-hued gin, the winnner (let’s call him or her “you,” for the sake of argument) will receive an internship with Hayek. Then you and your realized glass will travel to the London Design Festival in September to compete in the seventh annual global finals, where the top three finishers receive a few thousand dollars worth of gift certificates. Darn, we were hoping for sapphires.