Shafer to Times: Clean Up Your Act

Never one to pull a punch (and he lands them so eloquently too!), Slate’s Jack Shafer slams the New York Times in his latest missive:

The ongoing Judith Miller scandal–like Jayson Blair‘s journalistic malfeasance and the embarrassments of the Wen Ho Lee episode before it–has sent the old gray palooka down to the mat once again, where we find it wheezing, bleeding, and struggling to find its feet.


“The Times won’t break free of Miller’s malevolent spirit until the paper commissions an exorcism in print, akin to the ones it conducted following the Blair and Lee possessions.”

He goes on to explain the various reasons why Miller’s work was slip-shod and deserves a second look and how critical it is to thoroughly examiner the work of a reporter who called herself “Ms. Run Amok.” Shafer writes “Journalistic standards were betrayed at the Times.”

The one clear thing in all of this? Miller’s not going away anytime soon, and the Times isn’t getting any prettier as the story continues.