Shafer: Genocidal Tyrant Fits Murdoch Nicely

Rupert Murdoch defended himself at last week’s News Corp conference call, lamenting the fact that during the Dow Jones acquisition process he was treated like a “genocidal tyrant.” Slate’s Jack Shafer is thoroughly unconvinced by Murdoch’s plea of innocence:

“Whatever the origin of Murdoch’s wounds, genocidal tyrant fits him nicely. Plus, it may reveal what could be the mogul’s self-image and career aspirations. As controlling stockholder in News Corp., he is the company’s tyrant, is he not? And while he hasn’t killed many, he’s still a youthful 76 — he’s still got time to slaughter enough people to deserve the adjective genocidal. So, with this column I retire Murdoch’s ‘rotten old bastard’ label and hence forth shall call him a genocidal tyrant.”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga

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