Ever Wanted To Be Someone Else On Twitter? Try ShadowMe

We’ve all felt a twinge of of Twitter envy from time to time. This account breaks news faster than us, that account has more followers… well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

There’s a brand new app that lets come as close as possible to actually becoming someone else on Twitter, shadowing their timeline to see exactly what they see when they log in.

ShadowMe is an app that enables anyone to look over the shoulder of any other account. It is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 6.

Once installed, you can use ShadowMe to view the timeline and all of the tweets of anyone’s account, from your boss to your best friend to your favorite celebrity.

The company is touting their app as the best second-screen experience for TV and live event tweeting, too. If you’re watching, say, live coverage of the 2012 Election, you can shadow a political pundit or commentator to see what they’re seeing on Twitter. Or, you can use the app to shadow a celebrity or TV host during a special airing.

They’re also trying to attract those Twitter users who have signed up, but who haven’t cultivated their own follow list yet. These folks – typically observers who have yet to dive in and send a tweet – can see who others are following and develop their own list.

Keith Savitz, co-founder of ShadowMe’s parent company Tendy Apps, has this to say about the app:

“On Twitter, there are a certain number of dedicated users who put in the time and effort to find interesting people to follow but as Twitter continues to grow, there are more quiet users than ever. While ShadowMe is especially useful for people who need an introduction or education on Twitter, the app also enhances the Twitter experience for even the most active users by enabling them to shadow avid Twitter users, depending on interests or events. Twitter newbies get quality content, not overwhelming quantity and all users get the engaging, informative, entertaining social TV/second screen experience.”

What do you think of ShadowMe? Will you try it? Let us know in the comments below.

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