SGN Hypes Upcoming No-Name Game for New iPhone OS

Another accelerometer game from Social Gaming Network (SGN) is due out this summer, along with the iPhone OS 3.0. SGN hasn’t revealed many details about the upcoming game, but based on the screenshots we received, the game looks to be a flight simulator, with some good fighting action going on.

Why the lack of details? Well, SGN hasn’t even named the game yet, and several game features will be heavily tied in with new capabilities that will be available on the new iPhone OS. But it will have 3D graphics, the ability to play against others live over WiFi, and of course the game will take full advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer technology. From the looks of it, this flight fighting game will be a perfect match for that accelerometer. Even I’m a little bit excited, and I usually only play word games.

While we have another few weeks or so before the game or the updated iPhone OS are released, the anticipation leading up to the next generation of iPhones is becoming a yearly event in and of itself. Several companies like SGN look to such major releases from mobile device manufacturers for their own big announcements.

For SGN in particular, such timing is necessary and quite useful for pushing its own agenda. SGN has been at the forefront of the application and mobile gaming industry, battling it out with other companies like Zynga for total domination. The first mover advantage for leveraging new platforms such as Facebook’s and Apple’s has proven successful for SGN, especially as SGN has been among the first to bridge the gap between computer and mobile apps designed for game play.

So the upcoming, unnamed game from SGN will be the latest in a long string of games, all of which have become increasingly feature-enhanced and social. Thanks to cooperative measures between Facebook and Apple, SGN has an easier time offering a seamless web-to-mobile experience. Making the iPhone games more social has also been a challenge that SGN addressed over the past year, which is an initiative that even Apple hadn’t fully explored at the time.

Both social apps and marketing campaigns are being more deeply explored in the mobile realm–an occurrence that has been expected for several years now. In seeing cross-device and cross-network platform cooperation from the likes of Facebook and Apple, however, the ability to use mobile for pushing out content, apps and advertising is more likely to be effective at this time. With its own network approach of multiple games and the ability to deliver targeted ads across the platforms on which it works, SGN is able to become a heavily utilized channel for mobile and web content and advertising distribution.