SGN Hires New CTO for Accelerated Growth

Social gaming company SGN is announcing the appointment of Eric Huynh as its new Chief Technology Officer, as well as the company’s new President of Engineering. With a successful year in 2008 and plans to expand its network approach to social gaming and advertising across social networking platforms and mobile devices, SGN is gearing up for a major push towards reaching the next level. Huynh’s appointment is evident of SGN’s plans to ramp things up, with a large focus on the technology behind its products.

Huynh has worked with startups before, as the founding CTO of Gameloft and the founding CTO of Ubisoft. He is joining SGN from Vivendi Games (now Activision/Blizzard), another video game company with a global presence. Having worked with Gameloft, which had a distinct focus on mobile gaming, as well as other companies that gained global reach and were dedicated to socially-oriented web games, Huynh will be bringing a great deal of experience with him to SGN.

This is particularly important for SGN as it looks to take advantage of its dominance on social networking platforms like Facebook, and mobile platforms like the iPhone’s. In Huynh’s new position at SGN, he will be overseeing product development and research of games across both of these platforms, along with defining technical standards among other initiatives to accelerate production of games on SGN.

That’s quite an undertaking, especially as SGN’s rate of product releases is already faster than what we see from similar platforms. SGN has used rapid releases to become a front-runner on most platforms where its games are present, all of which take advantage of a particular platform’s unique capabilities. Many of SGN’s iPhone games, for example, use the accelorameter, which became a central feature for the device’s overall gaming experience.

Just last week SGN launched its new Mafia game series, which came on the heels of the settlement regarding the MobWars game for the iPhone. Despite seeing such disputes, SGN has continued its growth efforts and was one of the first to successfully implement a network-atop-a-network approach given its method for game delivery through platforms like Facebook. It will likely be a company like SGN that better provides a seamless experience between platforms like the iPhone’s and Facebook’s, and the technology behind SGN will be at the core of this particular initiative as well.