SGN launches MasterKey cross-platform development tool

Social mobile developer and publisher SGN today revealed it was launching its new cross-platform development tool, MasterKey.

MasterKey is part of SGN’s larger plan to streamline its process for developing cross-platform games for mobile devices and social networks. Co-founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe says it was instrumental in the development of games like Panda Jam and Bingo Blingo, reducing game conversion time by as much as 80 percent.

At the moment, MasterKey is only being used internally at SGN, but the group is planning to make the technology available for the third-party developers it’s working with to publish games through its own network.

Michael Ritter, SVP of Business Development, can’t give us a date for this roll-out, saying that the technology is currently being used only with two other partners. “We’re really just enjoying the efficiencies and monetization benefits right now,” he explains.”We’re starting to have conversations with third parties, but it’s not something we’re going to productize and then release.”

SGN is also strategically discussing rolling out and licensing the software to companies that aren’t partners with the company. Ritter tells us SGN has spent a lot of time working on its product, and any discussions about partner programs are more strategic than anything else right now. He also says MasterKey could possibly be sold to developers who aren’t partnering with SGN in the future, much the same way YoYo Games’ GameMaker: Studio and Adobe’s development toolkit that includes Flash and AIR; that said, the details still need to be worked out.