SGN Grows on the iPhone

Since September, Social Gaming Network has been releasing a suite of games that make use of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer capabilities that turn the mobile device into a Wii-like remote. To date, the company has released five applications: iBowl, iGolf, iBaseball, iBasketball, and iFun. While it was known that these free to download apps were doing well, it was only just recently that SGN released some of the numbers.

As of today, the five games that began coming out three months ago have had well over 4.5 million downloads. In fact, iBowl, released back in October was dubbed by Apple the #4 most downloaded free iPhone game of 2008. For those that are curious, the numbers 1 – 3 spots went to Tap Tap Revenge, Labyrinth Lite Edition, and Sol Free Solitaire respectively (and let’s face it, everyone loves solitaire). Furthermore, outside of the top games of the year, SGN’s iBasketball is also currently sitting pretty at, ironically, the #4 spot for the currently most popular free iPhone games.

Evidence would suggest that the majority of the company’s resources has been focusing on the iPhone platform as its number of active Facebook users nets around 4.7 million with a growth that has been rather stagnant as of late. Also, considering that 50+% of downloaded applications for the mobile devices are, in fact, games, a shift in focus isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially considering the rate in which SGN has been making these new games. While this is no claim as to what the company will be doing in the future, it does feel like a very strong avenue for the social developers.

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