SFMOMA Releases Snøhetta’s ‘Preliminary Sketches’ of Its New Wing

The seemingly non-stop push to get Donald Fisher a posthumous building has inched closer to reality this week with the release of some architectural renderings of SFMOMA‘s planned expansion to house the founder of Gap‘s massive modern art collection. You might recall that Fisher suddenly passed away in the late summer of 2009, shortly after his many, ultimately failed attempts to have a brand new museum build inside San Francisco’s Presidio had finally come to an end and he decided to just pass everything along to the SFMOMA. Following his passing, last year went by in a blur, with the museum announcing that, within just six months of his death, it had already raised $250 million to help build the wing, an unprecedented amount in such a short amount of time. Then, of course, came the starchitect-heavy shortlist and the announcing of a commission that was eventually handed over to the Norwegian firm Snøhetta. Now the museum and the firm have publicly released what they’re calling “Preliminary Sketches,” showing the new structure that dwarfs their current building in height and length but is a bit thiner in the middle. The San Francisco Chronicle‘s John King reports that the new building would offer “seven levels of gallery space topped by two floors of offices” and would connect to the rear of original building. And to get the new building in, the SFMOMA will have to demolish to existing structures, including a fire station, which the museum has already pledged to relocate and rebuild with the help of a $10 million gift to the city. It’s still very early days, but if all goes as planned, the new wing is set to open sometime in 2016.