SFMOMA Raises $250 Million in Just 6 Months in Prep for Donald Fisher Collection

As the LA Times‘ critic Christopher Knight puts it: “‘Great Recession’? What ‘Great Recession’?” He’s commenting on the news that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has announced that it has raised $250 million in just six months, largely to help expand their space to make way for the massive Donald Fisher Collection, which you’ll remember they were able to hold on to after the Gap founder’s sudden, unexpected passing last year. Kenneth Baker at the San Francisco Chronicle reports that there haven’t been any designs yet for the new extension, but now that the money has poured in, the museum is planning to add roughly an additional 100,000 square feet to its current facility, making it one of the largest modern art museums in the country, larger than the MoMA in New York. The big story of all of this, however, is this:

The $250 million raised thus far comes from what [museum director Neal Benezra] called “core members of the board” and is intended to challenge other affluent friends of the museum to pitch in. The museum will not divulge individual contributions, but its board includes luminaries of business and philanthropy such as Charles Schwab, Mimi L. Haas, Helen Hilton Raiser, Paul Sack and Roselyne Swig.

To which Christopher Knight responds, “Those pockets are not merely deep, they are also open. Good for them.”