SFMOMA Is So Good at Fundraising That They’re Challenging Themselves to Another $75 Million

Other museums around the country surely must by envious of the SFMOMA. First, donations pour in when they announce they’d like to build a new wing to house their Donald Fisher collection, bringing in an unprecedented $250 million in just six months. Then they hire Snohetta to design the new space, arguably one of the most popular firms in the world right now. As if that weren’t enough, the museum has announced that it’s been so successful in raising money and moving forward on the project (they’re already at 79% of their needed total, some two years before any ground will be broken), that they’ve decided to bump up their fundraising goals a full 15 percent, moving from $480 million to $555 million. To help keep that money-accepting pace up, they’ve just released Snohetta’s new renderings of the building (previously they’d only shown very early sketches), as well as a flashy animated fly-through of the space. Clearly that should help them raise another $500 million by the time we finish typing this sentence. Here’s the video: