SF Chronicle Ed.: ‘There Are a Number of Advantages to Being Out Here’

san francisco chronicle 10.06.08.jpgEarlier today, we skipped out of the American Magazine Conference for a bit to speak with Steve Proctor, one of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s deputy managing editors for an upcoming So What Do You Do? article. We’ll save the bulk of the interview for the future, but wanted to bring you a brief hint of what’s to come.

In light of today’s stock market mini-meltdown, Proctor discusses how being on the West Coast is actually an advantage for reporting on the news:

“Even still, the world is mostly run from the East Coast. If you’re covering the Presidential debates, most of them will be covered on East Coast time. That gives you more time to deal with the debate and offer a more analytical take on it. Obviously, Wall Street closes here at around 4:30 or so, so you have much more time to reflect and contact people about where they think the story is going. We’ll often know before our final deadline what the Asian markets have done and we’ll be able to include in a story about Wall Street how the Asian markets reacted ‘this morning’ to the news. So there are a number of advantages to being out here.”