Viral Radar: Sexy Sax Man Saxes His Way To The Top

In need of a good laugh? You’re in luck! Sexy Sax Man, a hilarious new YouTube prank, is saxing its way up the YouTube charts today, with over 1 million views so far, split between two versions of the video. Sax guy Sergio Flores, done up in some sexy George Michael-esque attire, runs around playing ‘Careless Whisper’ on the saxophone in random public places and it’s so saxo-funny you won’t be able to contain your laughter.

Sergio plays ‘Careless Whisper’ on the cash register in Food 4 Less, on a table in Del Taco, in a Laundromat, in a food court, at the In N Out Drive-Thru, at Walmart, Ross, in a college biology class, on the field at half-time of a high school football game and more. He even plays on two saxophones while dolphins jump in the water behind him. Almost everywhere he goes he gets carted off by security or police and just keeps playing. My favorite part is when he asks a few cops at The Grove, “Have you heard this one?” And then he just starts playing ‘Careless Whisper’ again.
Why is this video so popular? Well, people love prank videos on YouTube. But aside from that, it’s just so hilarious to watch this guy going around, looking so serious, playing one of the cheesiest songs known to mankind over and over and over on the saxophone. And the reactions of the people around him are just great. They simply don’t know how to treat the situation! Aside from that, it hasn’t hurt that the Tosh.0 blog embedded one of the videos late last week.
Check out the video below and prepare to be sexy sax-ified! What do you think of the video? Why do you think people think it’s so funny and why is it rising up the viral charts so quickly?