Sexy Pizza Is The Last Straw! Have We Reached The End of the Skimpy Halloween Costume Trend?

No more sexy Halloween costumes!

Take Back Halloween’s version of a pirate — Anne Bonny

For some people, it’s Halloween. But for some women, it’s Sexy Costume Day, the one day each year when they can wear as little as possible as say they’ve “dressed up” for the holiday.

We hear a lot about ghosts and goblins at Halloween, but what’s really scary is this trend in women’s costumes that has made everything under the sun “sexy”: pirates, devils, bears, strawberries, children’s characters, superheroes and, yes, pizza.

Feminist Suzanne Scoggins is tired of this nonsense, so she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign — Take Back Halloween — to fund a website that offers DIY costume suggestions for women and girls focused on goddesses and historical figures. No garter belts, high heels or short skirts necessary. The campaign has raised the goal three times, and now as more than $12,000 of a $13,500 goal with the campaign ending tomorrow.

Scoggins told The Daily Beast that she blames cheap manufacturing, advertising and the sexualization of women in society for this naughty costume trend. The one group she doesn’t blame is women and girls themselves. Scoggins says her friends started telling her that they didn’t have anything to wear to take their kids trick-or-treating and she started this site. “Everything was like something you wear for a film shoot with Charlie Sheen!” she said.

Is this what Halloween has come to?

She’s not the only one sick and tired of what the Beast calls “Slutoween.” Story after story has been published over the recent days with women talking about how fed up they are with the whole sexy Halloween thing. It was taken to it’s best and most graphic heights on The Daily Show when correspondent Kristen Schaal pulled out a sexy male producer costume (a fully dressed guy wearing the most drab colors in all the spectrum) and a woman in a straight up vagina costume. A full on vagina, because that’s all that’s left people. Honestly, the vagina costume is preferable to these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sigh.

Even if it’s too late for Halloween, we still have to deal with the Sexy Santas of Christmas and the Sexy Pilgrims of Thanksgiving. So PRs, gather up your most creative creatives and start brainstorming holiday campaigns that women can get behind. If you really want to appeal to women next Halloween (or this Halloween if you can pull something together quick enough to get it on social media), show them something new. Something fun. Something scary. Something that contains actual fabric.