Sexiest Gay-Friendly Celebrities Poll–Short on Sexy


OutzoneTV, Bravo’s broadband targeted at a gay audience, announces their first ever Sexiest Gay-Friendly Celebrity poll. And while FBLA isn’t confused, we think they are. Here’s their hand-picked list:

Jake Gyllenhaal–bwhahahaha.

Meryl Streep–any woman past menopause who’s not gay-friendly is an idiot. With bad hair.

Kathy Griffin–with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Julian McMahon–Rosie likes him, but is that enough?

Justin Timberlake–they’re kidding, right?

Amy Sedaris–like she has a choice.

Beyonce Knowles–call us when she gets Jay-Z into the tent.

Johnny Knoxville–see Kathy Griffin.

Brangelina–like you have to ask.

Hugh Jackman–he played Liza’s gay husband. No, the first one.

Parker Posey–well, she was in Superman Returns, not that it matters.

Penelope Cruz–she sure has a lot of ex-boyfriends.