Sex Writer’s Blog Book Tour

rkb_book_tour.jpgIt appears sex columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel has landed on her heels after being sacked by the Village Voice. The occasional contributor is celebrating the release of a pair of gender-specific kinky erotica anthologies — She’s On Top and He’s On Top — with a 30-day “blog tour” beginning April 1 at Viviane’s Sex Carnival and includes — our favoriteWashingtonienne Jessica Cutler.

We don’t know about you, but we’re planning on hitting All Things Spanking — sort of like the NPR of S&M — The Princess of Spanking and Always Aroused Girl shows at the end of the month.

The full-on tour:

April 2007

1. Viviane’s Sex Carnival
2. Sex and the Ivy
3. Comstock Films
4. Radical Vixen
5. Lumpesse
6. One Life Take Two
7. Lust Bites
8. Bad Bad Girl
9. Elexus Exposed
10. Pretty Dumb Things
11. en(gender)
12. Jessica Cutler
13. All Things Spanking
14. Sexual Evolution
15. Sexerati
16. Tara Tainton
17. The Tales of a Teacher (and Slut)
18. Brooklyn Rake
19. Red Velvet Rope Burn
20. Susan Wright
21. Mistress Matisse
22. Katie Spades, the Princess of Spanking
23. Sex in the City — The Real Version
24. Urban Gypsy
25. Jessica Gold Haralson
26. Cinekinkster
27. Always Aroused Girl
28. Ms. Naughty
29. Madeline in the Mirror
30. Molly Crabapple


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