Several Promotions at the NBC News Washington Bureau

NBC_ArtNBC News Washington bureau chief Ken Strickland and deputy bureau chief Meaghan Rady sent a note staff announcing several promotions.

They include Kristin Donnelly to the White House producing team, working with Chris Jansing, whom she worked with on “Jansing & Co.;” Frank Thorp V as Senate producer and off-air reporter; Alex Moe as House of Representatives producer; and Abigail Williams to the State Department beat.

Strickland and Rady’s memo to staff after the jump.

From: Meaghan Rady
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Subject: DC Bureau Producer Announcements

We have a number of exciting announcements in the Washington Bureau:

Kristin Donnelly will join our White House producing team later this week.  For the last year, Kristin has been a senior producer for the 11am hour of MSNBC programming, including “José Díaz-Balart” and previously “Jansing & Co.”  She was a segment and line producer for MSNBC from 2010-2013.  She spent the first eight years of her career reporting for several stations in New York State, with a focus on local politics.

Frank Thorp V will take over as Senate producer and off-air reporter this month.  Frank has been the eyes and ears for the network in the House of Representatives since 2011, working alongside Luke Russert, Kelly O’Donnell and expanding the use of digital journalism and social media on the Hill.  Frank was previously a producer for NBC in Haiti after the earthquake in January of 2010, and a researcher for Tom Costello.  He began his journalism career at NBC as a Washington desk assistant.  Frank is this year’s chairman of the Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association Executive Committee.

As we announced last week, Kasie Hunt, who has served us as Senate producer since 2013, is starting a new adventure as MSNBC’s Political Correspondent.  We are grateful to Kasie for her terrific work covering politics and Congress.

Alex Moe will join us as House of Representatives producer, working closely with Frank, Luke and Kelly.  Most of you know Alex from her time here as our Tim Russert Fellow in 2010.  She has since covered politics extensively as a campaign embed with Newt Gingrich on his 2012 campaign, then as a producer in the North East Bureau, where she has covered wide-ranging subjects, including – recently – Hillary Clinton’s book tour.  Alex will begin on the Hill the last week of September.

Finally, this week Abigail Williams moves to the State Department, where she will work with Andrea Mitchell reporting and producing on foreign affairs and policy.  Abigail has spent the last year as a general assignment associate producer.  Previously, she was the regular cutter for “Meet the Press,” where she oversaw all tape elements for the show; prior to that, she was a political researcher for the 2008 presidential election, researcher for Tom Costello, and desk assistant for the bureau.

Congratulations to all of our excellent team members!

Meaghan & Ken