Hawaii Scientist Hijacks Seventeen Magazine Hashtag

Thanks to a brainiac Hope Jahren (pictured), Seventeen magazine’s #ManicureMonday Twitter archives will never be the same.

Per a summary on Slate by Jason Bittel, it is Jahren – an isotope geochemist and laboratory scientist at the University of Hawaii Manoa – who came up with the hilarious idea of hijacking the publication’s latest round of regular Monday hashtagging. Instead of perfectly manicured cuticles, she got all sorts of scientific community folks to join in with pictures of more workman-like human digits:

When her academic colleagues asked her why she wastes her time tweeting, Jahren responds by saying it’s better than wasting her time writing publications nobody will ever read. If you haven’t noticed yet, Jahren’s got some major cut to her jib.

Of course, not everyone was pleased with the message sent by all those fingers in the muck. Jahren explained, “Some women found it offensive. They said we were somehow pushing yet another image of what they should be onto a place they had claimed for their art.” Another criticism suggested that encouraging women to post pictures with un-manicured hands was the equivalent of femme-shaming.

Femme-shaming!? That’s ridiculous. Jahren tells Bittel she isn’t sure if there will be a repeat hijack-performance. In terms of netiquette, it may have been rude; but within the realm of scientific publication, this was genius.

[Image courtesy: jahrenlab.com]