Seventeen EIC Ann Shoket: Recession Is Chance To Be As “Creative As Possible”

mmm_2-3.gifUp next for “Decision-Maker Week” is Seventeen magazine editor-in-chief Ann Shoket.

We talk to Shoket about how the economy is affecting her publication — and the industry as a whole. But she also has a way to combat the negativity. “Nobody wants to read a magazine that’s a downer,” she says. “Our whole mission is to help girls have fun and celebrate that exuberant, crazy hyper caffeinated fun of being a teenager.”

Shoket says the recession is a time to be creative. “We are working to be as creative as possible to generate interesting fun cool edit programs that our advertisers can get excited about,” she says.

Also discussed: how she stays “deeply in touch” with her inner 16-year-old, the benefit of her America’s Next Top Model appearances and the story of how a coffee between Shoket and Laurel Touby helped launch

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