7 Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re on LinkedIn regularly just like we are, chances are your profile may be a bit stagnant from time to time.

Looking to spice it up? Look no further. Courtesy of LinkedIn, here are a few quick tips they sent us to hopefully boost your views and connections on a daily basis.

1. Create a catchy headline! How about something like, “Social Media Manager?” People should be able to detect exactly what you do by simply reading it.

2. Add your industry to your profile. This will appear at the top headline under your title so it’s clear for people to also identify your industry.

3. Get noticed by publishing posts. Now that everyone is eligible to publish posts, think of it as yet another way to push out your content and become a recognizable expert in your field.

4. Include keywords in your summary. Here’s the thing: When we worked in recruiting, we frequently used LinkedIn by searching by keywords for jobs we needed to fill. Did we mention we needed to fill the jobs quickly? Pump up your profile with keywords — make it easier for potential hiring managers to find you.

5. Add your portfolio. If you earned a byline for an article you’re really proud of, don’t just mention it, include the link! Go ahead and include your online portfolio so people can actually check out your work.

6. Be precise. That’s right, go ahead and add details. During a job interview or even an informational phone call you would be wise to include quantifiable numbers and information in your conversations. Your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be any different from that.

7. Reorder your skills. We couldn’t believe this feature either! (And no, LinkedIn is not paying us to write this – ha.) Apparently you can reorder your skills to put the most relevant on top. This is key for highlighting what you want to market and sell.