Seven Search Start-Ups Soak In Twitter Firehose

Seven start-up search-technology companies can now be fully soaked by the Twitter Firehose, as platform director Ryan Sarver announced on the Twitter Blog that Ellerdale, Collecta, Kosmix, Scoopler, twazzup, CrowdEye, and Chainn Search will now receive the complete feed of all tweets.

From Sarver’s blog post:

Full investment in this ecosystem of innovation means that all of our partners should have access to the same volume of data, regardless of company size. More than 50,000 interesting applications are currently using our freely available, rate-limited platform offerings. With access to the full Firehose of data, it is possible to move far beyond the Twitter experiences we know today. In fact, we’re pretty sure that some amazing innovation is possible.

These companies range from funded start-ups to part-time, one-person operations, so we came up with a fair way to license access that scales with their business. If you think there may be a potential partnership involving access to the Firehose, let’s start a conversation. Our email is

And Twitter communications head Sean Garrett told GigaOM:

As the agreements standardize, we hope to make the terms well-known so developers know if the Firehose is right for their business. Additionally, for current partners, we would like to help them plan for the future.

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