Seven In 10 Workers Say Jobs Are “Ideal”

89026773_235fc47a53_m.jpg In his latest “Ask the Recruiter” column, Poynter’s Joe Grimm takes a look at a Gallup study of job satisfaction among Americans. Seven of ten respondents told Gallup their jobs are “ideal”—which is surprising when compared to the Towers Watson study we blogged about yesterday. Only 45 percent of that study’s respondents said they were satisfied with their jobs.

Grimm writes:

This is the fix a lot of journalists find themselves in. They work in favored jobs but worry that they may have to make a change to something that is, well, less than ideal. Professional workers, a category that includes lawyers, doctors, teachers and accountants, is one of the most satisfying career sectors in the study. Nearly eight in 10 workers called those jobs ideal. Almost everyone else—including those in managerial, executive, sales and retail jobs—is less likely to call their jobs ideal.

Older and higher-paid workers more often reported that their jobs were ideal.

Photo: Lars Ploughmann