Seton Hill Plans To Offer An iPad To Every Full-Time Student

Pennsylvania’s Seton Hill University announced yesterday that they will launch the “Griffin Technology Advantage Program” wherein each full-time student enrolled at the school will be given an iPad beginning with the 2010 fall semester.

Administrators say this will facilitate the way students work and share their research with others. They also hope that students will be able to download their courses’ reading materials onto their iPads directly through Apple’s iBookstore, thus, as university president JoAnne W. Boyle put it,”lightening their backpacks.” In addition to the iPads, incoming freshman will also be given MacBooks, which the school will replace in two years. Upper classmen have the choice of opting into the laptop program should they wish.

The Griffin Technology Advantage Program also includes resources to provide students with a completely wireless campus and technology training for faculty. While the university says it has absorbed some of the cost of the iPads, students will also be charged an additional $500 per semester to help pay for the program.

George Fox University also recently announced that it would offer new freshmen a choice between the iPad and a MacBook included in the cost of tuition. So, while debate wages on as to whether the iPad will save or kill the magazine and newspaper industry, it hopes to at least give a leg up to future English majors / bloggers.