Seth Meyers: Tune In To SNL For Spitzer Story


The mercurial Comedy Gods have shown favor to Lorne Michaels, the Executive Producer of the remarkably relevant SNL. In mid-November, in the thick of the WGA strike, NBC significantly cut SNL’s staff. As the 2008 election smouldered — on both sides — the writing staff must have been pulling their hair out. One wondered how a diminished SNL could possibly return after the strike with brio. And one wondered if there was going to be anything juicy left of the electoral process for the writing staff to savage. But they did, and there was.

Fast forward to today. SNL is an integral, if awkward part of the present Democratic foot race. Senator Hillary Clinton mentions tSNL skits at critical moments in debate. Even Howard Kurtz talks on Reliable Sources of an ”SNL Effect.”

Saturday Night Live head writer and winner of the WGA picket perfect attendance award Seth Meyers was caught at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony by’s brilliant photographic chronicler Carolyn Torem Craig:

” … PAPERMAG asked Seth Meyers who would be playing the shamed governor of New York Eliot Spitzer on Saturday Night Live this weekend, but the head writer wouldn’t crack, and only said, ‘If ever there was a reason to be played on SNL, it was the route our governor of New York chose,’ and advised us all to tune in on Saturday.”

Or at least TiVo it.

(image via mtv)