NYT Travel Writer Doubles as ‘Amigo Gringo’

Launched last week in Portuguese with English subtitles, Seth Kugel’s twice-a-week NYC city guide series Amigo Gringo is off to a roaring start.


From AP travel editor Beth J. Harpaz’s report:

Kugel said reaction to the series has been “astounding. It’s been crazy. Everybody wants to talk to me.” The first installment got 25,000 hits [on YouTube] in the first 36 hours — not bad for a non-celebrity in a series by an unknown startup company, Rede Snack.

It’s gotten attention from all of Brazil’s major media, from the three biggest newspapers to Globo, the country’s biggest TV network. Adriana Setti, who blogs on the site of Viagem e Turismo, a major travel magazine, called the shorts hilarious.

Kugel, a contributor to the New York Times travel section, started off by covering the topics of bagels and riding the subway. He moved to New York from Boston in 1992 and spent two years living in Brazil, the number one source of foreign-language visitors to NYC in 2013.

[Image via: YouTube]