Seth Godin’s Insubordinate: Free eBook Of The Day

Today’s free eBook of the Day is Insubordinate by Seth Godin. The 40 page PDF file can be downloaded for free on Godin’s blog.
Insubordinate is an addendum to Linchpin, Godin’s book on becoming indepensible in the workplace. From the introduction, “It’s about linchpins I’ve had the pleasure (the joy) to now and work with over the last twenty-five years or so.”
Godin says in his blog, “Which is better, I wonder. Is it preferred to do exactly what you’re told, to be clearly subordinate to the system, to the boss, to the short term demands of the organization–or are we better off doing the right thing instead? As I think about the insubordinate people I’ve worked with over the last few decades, the answer is really clear to me.”