Ex-New York Media Pair Sell Telluride Weekly

SethCaginMartaTarbellPicGiven the current state of print media, this is probably about as good as it can get in a smaller market like Telluride.

Eighteen years after launching The Watch as a fax newsletter, Seth Cagin and Marta Tarbell have sold their in-the-red operation to Monday-to-Friday competitor The Telluride Daily Planet. According to a report in the latter by Heather Sackett, the Planet will continue to publish this newly acquired property:

“We have not finalized plans for content changes, but we will likely be doing some new, more in-depth feature reporting in the weekly Watch newspaper — the kind of reporting that we can’t necessarily do in the Planet and that is not really available in the region,” Daily Planet publisher Andrew Mirrington said.

Watch employees have been offered the opportunity to apply for work with the Planet. And while there will be some efficiencies gained, Mirrington said the Planet will need some personnel from each of The Watch’s departments.

In New York, Cagin formerly wrote for Rolling Stone and has authored several books, while Tarbell worked at the Herald-Tribune, the New York Post and Condé Nast. They started The Watch in response to the Planet acquiring the Telluride Journal.

[Image via: @scagin]

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