Sesame Workshop to Sell E-Books from Its Web Site

Sesame Workshop book_elmosabcbook.gifis taking its first steps into the world of e-books, mining its huge backlist of roughly 5,000 titles based on characters from its now 40-year-old children’s show, Sesame Street, and making some available as e-books from its Web site. Five titles are currently up on the Sesame Street site as a kind of preview of what’s to come. They are available for free in-browser reading, but not download.

Of the five titles currently available–including Elmo’s ABC Book and Happy, Healthy Monsters–the most interesting is The Monster at the End of This Book, which features narration in the voice of its main character, Grover, as well as other enhancements, which some of the planned titles will also features.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sesame Workshop plans to launch 100 e-book titles for purchase through its site in the Spring on a paid subscription basis, with pricing still to be determined. These books will be downloadable and will work on PCs and Macs. Impelsys, the New York-based company behind iPublishCentral, is providing the tech behind the e-books.