Sesame Street Hits iTunes, Hulu


Reuters is reporting that “Sesame Street” is finally hitting the Internet, after nearly 40 years on Public Broadcasting Service-affiliated television stations.

Sesame Workshop said in a statement that episodes of the show will now be available in three ways. iTunes Store customers can purchase individual episodes for $1.99 a pop, beginning from season 35, which will work on iPods, iPhones, the Apple TV, and of course desktop and laptop computers. YouTube and Hulu fans will also be able to watch ad-supported clips for free; each service already has over 100 clips available.

The report said that customers still won’t be able to buy complete episodes online from the first 10 seasons, however, because “Sesame Workshop and DVD distributor Genius Products are anxious not to gut sales of the first 10 seasons of the show, which are available on disc.”