Sesame Street Books Are Now in the iBooks Store

Sesame Workshop, the publisher of the Sesame Street books series, has been pushing its digital offerings in recent months and the latest news is that their titles are now available for sale in Apple’s iBooks Store.

Last October, Sesame Street released eBooks through iTunes and in February 2013 the company released their eBooks through Amazon’s App Store. In May 2013, Sesame Street’s series went live in Google Play. iBooks has chosen Sesame’s Which Witch is Which? as the Book of the Week. The Halloween-themed story is free through October 15.

The iBooks collection includes more than 60 Sesame Street books which are available to iBooks users in 51 countries. Titles will range in cost from $1.99 to $5.99 depending on the title. Titles include: The Monster at the End of This BookElmo Loves You and How to Be a Grouch.


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