Serpentine Pavilion Construction and Tilda Swanson Wants Back Inside Her Big Glass Box

Are you getting excited for SANAA‘s Serpentine Pavilion? We certainly are, as you’ll recall us telling you all about back in February, when the Japanese firm was selected, and in early April, when the first illustrations for the pavilion were released. If you just can’t wait until July, when it’s finally finished and open for the public, we highly recommend hitting up the Olll Architecture Gallery site, where they have dozens upon dozens of photos of the ongoing construction. Not much info to read, or any really, but we think you’ll find browsing through all the shots and dreaming of what’s soon to be time well spent. But if it is reading you’re after, and you demand that it must be about this topic, might we suggest learning that actress Tilda Swanson really wants to get back to her collaboration with artist Cornelia Parker on their 1995 Serpentine piece The Maybe, which found Swanson sleeping in a big glass box for days on end in front of thousands of people, resulting in her contracting shingles? Well there you go. Enjoy.