Serial Job Interviewer Provides Biggest Tip: Eye Contact

judgeA serial job interviewer opened up to The Wall Street Journal and after completing more than 100 job interviews between 2007 and 2013, she has a lot to say.

Sofia Faruqi mentions the number one body language tip is eye contact. During an interview, she says you want to maintain eye contact without being creepy.

“So, looking away every few minutes and coming back to the interviewer is good. Other than that, your body language should be responsive to that of the interviewer, because body language is always evolving, and that is a conversation that is going on in your interview.”

As for specific questions, a recruiter asked her to build a model in Excel at one point. Although that’s not a particularly odd request, she completed it “with gibberish” and still got the job.

Faruqi didn’t know exactly what she was doing but relied on “humble confidcnce” to power through. Instead of pretending to yourself that you know about something when you truly don’t, you don’t necessarily need to say you’re unfamiliar with it. In other words, attempt to at least figure it out.