Serena Williams Won’t Be Doing Manicures on Reality TV

We learn from our sister blog SportsNewser that the Lifetime network rejected a reality series about tennis star Serena Williams’ double life as a nail salon pro. What?

One of the biggest names in sports has chosen a side career in a pink collar industry dominated by struggling immigrants. This is reality television GOLD. Serena gave Oprah Winfrey a pedicure, for crissakes. Nothing that mind boggling will ever happen on The Bachelorette.

Needless to say, we would’ve tuned in.

Surprisingly, Williams really is a professional manicurist. Last year she quietly enrolled in beauty school to become a certified nail technician, prompting sports fans the world over to scratch their heads. Since then she’s gained a new kind of fan for her “Glam Slam” nail polish collections, created in partnership with O.P.I.

Despite her salon street cred, Lifetime execs “felt the audience wouldn’t think Serena was being authentic,” according to the NY Daily News.

Perhaps Lifetime was also concerned there wasn’t room on the airwaves for another reality show about nails. Earlier this summer, TV Guide Network premiered “The Nail Files,” about a salon in Sherman Oaks. The show gave TV Guide the highest-rated series premiere in the network’s history.