Serena Williams Named ‘Sportsperson of The Year’

She's the first individual woman to receive the honor in more than 30 years.

CWMFtwpUAAEmy6S.jpg-largeSerena Williams has won again. Sports Illustrated has named the 34-year-old tennis superstar its Sportsperson of The Year.

Williams has done more than enough to earn this honor. This year Williams won three major titles and completed her second Serena Slam (winning four majors in a row). She now has 21 Grand Slam single titles, one short of the record held by Steffi Graf. By the time Williams retires, there is no doubt she’ll be the best women’s tennis player ever. In fact, she probably already is.

“Even amid such a rich collection of finalists, Serena Williams was a decisive choice,” said SI managing editor Chris Stone. “As a performer, as a doer, as a symbol, no one extended themselves and embraced the best (and worst) the sports world has to offer quite like Serena Williams, champion, 2015 Sportsperson of the Year.”