September 11th Memorial and Museum Teams with Broadcastr to Capture Personal Stories


The tech start-up Broadcastr, which just recently unveiled themselves as a company back in mid-December, has announced a big partnership with the September 11th Memorial and Museum to help offer up and share location-based audio recordings surrounding the events of nearly ten years ago. The memorial and museum group had already been recording stories from first responders, rescue workers, volunteers and residents from the area, and they will be used within an iPhone/Android app the start-up will be launching in early February. The app’s service itself requests that people also use it to record their own thoughts and memories about specific places, and in addition to listening to the previously captured pieces, will encourage users to record theirs, which will then be included in the accessible repository of stories. It’s an interesting, positive story and idea, made all the more hopefully given the memorial and museum project’s major hurdles since nearly the day the area began rebuilding, and what 60 Minutes last year called “a national disgrace.” Now that we’ve reached 2011, with all those promises long-since made that a good portion of the work would be completed for the anniversary in September, here’s to hoping more positive stories are to come. Here’s a bit from the partnership announcement:

“At the heart of the 9/11 Memorial is a commitment to honor the victims of the September 11 attacks and educate future generations about these events that forever changed our world. By sharing our collection of stories, we are supporting our educational mission, shaping history through memory,” 9/11 Memorial President Joe Daniels said. “Our partnership with Broadcastr allows people around the world to connect to a place that will continue to inspire thousands of stories of hope and compassion.”