Separated at Birth: ‘Scandal’ Edition

The finale for the first season of what may be ABC’s most thrilling Washington-based political drama “Scandal” ended last night. In honor of the occasion, today we pair up Politico‘s John Harris and actor Jeff Perry, who plays White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene, who likes to prune flowers on the weekends.

Here in the Fishbowl we followed Scandal’s first season closely. There were ups. Downs. Maybe even a few tears. For those who missed it, here’s a recap:

Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington who attended the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner, is a professional crisis fixer. She and he close-knit team of quirky characters, take the worst situations that Washington’s elite find themselves in and make them vanish. But Pope has her own problem: She’s in love with the adulterous Fitzgerland Grant who happens to be President of the United States. Among the many scandals of season one is when a woman with whom the President has an affair ends up pregnant… and then dead. Everyone from the Veep to the first lady to an ambitious journalist end up implicated. The journalist — gasp! — ends up dead with a pair of scissors in his neck. Pope, decked in a crisp white jacket, and her team clean up the crime scene flawlessly. She shares a steamy kiss with President before turning him back over to his Type A wife.

And that brings us to season two, which the series has been renewed for, thank God.