Separated at Birth: CBS News’ Bill Plante and CNN’s Peter Morris

Bill Plante
Peter Morris

We here in the Fishbowl had an epiphany this weekend when we saw a video of the CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante and asked ourselves, ‘Is he related to CNN’s Peter Morris?”

Morris is a Senior CNN Photojournalist, primarily based at the White House, alongside his likely brother, Plante.

While they definitely weren’t born in the same year, they very well may have been born to the same parents, eventually separated, with genes leading them to careers in the same industry.

We may never know the truth of whether Plante and Morris were separated at birth; it’s a mystery that will plague us for a long, long time…like the disappearance of MH Flight 370, which CNN-er Morris, along with all of his colleagues, is tasked with trying to find.

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