A Newspaper’s Grand ‘Alphabet’ Series Comes to an End

Over the weekend, it was the turn of "X" to mark the Sentinel & Enterprise front-page spot.

FitchburgMASentinelEnterprise_08_08On Saturday, Fitchburg, Mass., daily newspaper the Sentinel & Enterprise put out what was easily the weekend’s most arresting U.S. front page. Per the illustration at right (click for larger version), there was a full-page depiction of the letter “X” together with the beginning of an article by New York-based freelancer Adrian Nicole Blanc.

The front page is part of a month-long series highlighting, on successive days except Sunday, each letter of the alphabet. From “The Alphabet” series introduction in July:

The artists designing each of the letters are at work in seven different countries on four different continents. They are graphic designers, calligraphers, stone carvers and type designers…

German-based graphic designer Nico Bergmann chose the letter “X,” and Turkish editorial designer and typographer Esen Karol designed the “Y.”

The letter “Z” comes from Akira Kobayashi, a prolific Japanese-born and German-based typographer who is the type director of Monotype GmbH. He has recently worked on the development of Optima Nova, Zapfino Extra, Palatino Nova and Palatino Sans, collaborating with the designers Adrian Frutiger and Hermann Zapf to modernize their earlier type designs.

That “Y” adorns today’s front page (framed by articles on You, Yoga, Yearly and Yeast); the “Z” will arrive tomorrow. This is a great example of how a smaller daily newspaper can make print relevant and produce artifacts that people will want to touch, hold and save in a size larger than that of a smartphone bookmark. B-R-A-V-O.
[Images courtesy: Sentinel & Enterprise]