Sense of Humor & Keen Sense of Fashion May Give You the Edge for New Job

If you have a razor sharp sense of humor or a keen sense of fashion, listen up. These attributes may land you a job over someone else with a similar resume!

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, even knowledge about pop culture may give you the edge over a similar candidate. The national study was conducted earlier this summer and included 2,076 hiring managers and human resources professionals in various industries.

They were simply asked if they were presented with two qualified job seekers who were equally qualified, which factors would make them more likely to hire one over the other?

Apparently the results ranged from the candidate with the better sense of humor (objectively defining sense of humor, of course), the candidate involved in community service and the candidate who is better dressed.

Other factors included the candidate interviewers had more in common with, candidate who is more physically fit and the candidate who is involved with current affairs, pop culture and social media.

The take away from this survey is to be well-rounded on an interview flex your soft skills accordingly. Be appropriate and tactful with your sense of humor, style and connecting with interviewers but don’t refrain from demonstrate your interest in community service, the news and pop culture. After all, according to the survey, they may boost your candidacy.

Per the press release, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder explained, “When you’re looking for a job, the key is selling your personal brand. Employers are not only looking for people who are professionally qualified for the position, but also someone who is going to fit in at the office.”