SendToReader Adds Paid Subscription Option

The SendToReader webpage conversion service has launched a new service this week.

When I last mentioned SendToReader back in March, it was a basic webpage conversion service for your Kindle. It worked okay, but the only content converted was the webpages that you requested. Today, that changed.

SendToReader Periodicals will now process and convert RSS feeds and other news services and then send them by email to your Kindle. It can bundle multiple sources into a single Kindle file, and users can even schedule the time when they want their periodicals to be sent.

The service is not free. There’s a $5 a month fee, and I’m not sure that it’s worth it.

Did you know that you can do this yourself for free? The ebook library app calibre can gather the contents of news websites and RSS feeds and then send them to your Kindle. You’ll need to run the app yourself, but it’s not that difficult.